Wednesday, July 15

Inexcusable Behaviour of Fictional Characters

This is been a topic I've wanted to discuss for months, as I'm all-too-aware that quite a few of the fictional figures I'm drawn to are not the most amiable of characters.

Monday, July 6

5 Quiller Imaginative Picture Books

Picture books ignited my love for reading, but even now I find that there are plenty that are bursting with imagination.

Monday, June 22

What is the Definition of a Book?

A few month ago, the goodreads group Tuesday Talks prompted a couple of questions I wanted to address. So naturally I only finally got around to them just now. Hurrah!

Friday, June 12

5 Quiller Audio Books

June is Audio Book Month! Here are five great audio books to check out, whether you're new to audio books or an avid listener.