Friday, June 25

Godmother by Carolyn Turgeon

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Lillian's job was to get Cinderella to the ball but things took an unexpected turn. Bad decisions were made and Lillian was banished by the fairies to live in the human world.

In modern day New York, Lil is trapped in the body of an old woman, working in a book store. She longs for her youth and beauty and the chance to see her fairy sister and friends once more.

When a young woman, Veronica, comes into the store, Lil sets out to redeem herself by setting her up with the book store owner, George, in hope of fulfilling the task she was meant to so many years ago and be forgiven at last.

This is a lovely book about love, redemption and learning to enjoy life. It was an easy read with a wonderful first person narration that slipped between the world of New York and Lillian's past with the fairies.

The intrigue is there, propelling the book forward as the mystery as to exactly what happened with Cinderella all those years ago is woven into the novel.

I really liked the character of Lillian. She has a humble and caring nature but also very human qualities and faults which make her sympathetic and easy for the reader to relate to. I also liked the vibrant character of Veronica.

I enjoyed the fact that I read this book while in New York City and found myself reading about Lillian walking down streets I had been on only just before. The depiction of both New York and the fairy world is brilliant.

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