Tuesday, January 11

A Writer's Space

I now have my own little writing cubicle. It is situated in an apartment-turned-writing-space in town and I get to have it for a month, for free! That is from today on the 11th of January until the 11th of February. I am in cubicle 11, which is marked outside by a diagram of the sun.

In my cubicle, I have a lovely desk and a small bookshelf, both wood, painted green and varnished. I have a comfy computer chair that is silver. My cubicle has Slytherin colours!

That's my little cubicle on the left! It looks small but I can actually lie down in it and have a wee nap. Not that that's what I'm planning to use it for... I had my pick and could have had a bigger one but I like the light in this one and the view. It just called out to me.

How did I come by this awesome opportunity? Well, one of my Municipal Liaisons from NaNoWriMo, Travis, is managing the space known as The Cuba Street Garret, while the owner is overseas in America. A lot of the cubicles were going spare, so he offered to show some of us writers around (he's one of the Ink Slingers here in Wellington!) and give us the opportunity to use one of the cubicles for a month. The cubicles usually go for NZ $80 a week but that would come down if all the cubicles were full.

You can view the official website for the Cuba Street Garret here. The founder of the Garret, Doug Wilkins, also runs a similar space in San Francisco, the Sanchez Grotto Annex, that is full of published authors!

I can access the space whenever I want in the coming month. I am beyond happy and hope to get a lot of writing done. Now I can go into town every day to work. How snazzy is that?! I have a window in front of my cubicle looking out onto a nice view of the street below and the building is in walking distance of a lot of cool places.

Do you have a special space where you write?

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