Saturday, January 1

The Writer’s Kit

The creative process may stir inside the mind but a writer should never troddle around empty handed. There are a few things that a writer should carry with them when they embark on a journey, no matter how short.

When reading one of my favourite books on writing, 'The Writer's Book of Wisdom' by Steven Taylor Goldsberry, I was forced to consider what tools I need to take with me when I go out and about.

Pens: In the multiples. I have lost count of the amount of times I have been without a pen or thought I had brought one, only to discover it had slipped out or had decided that now was the perfect time to break or run out of ink. Three pens at least, I think.

Notebook: Just one to be able to scribble in whenever an idea strikes. Warning: DO NOT pick out a fancy notebook. I know that we are all lusting after gorgeous stationary but often an extravagant notebook will make you feel as though the contents need to be equally as stunning. You don't want to make yourself feel as though you are filling the pages of a gourmet recipe book with earthworm and mud pie concoctions. Better to get a plain workbook you can be comfortable slinging ink at and covering with coffee stains.

Digital camera: Or just the camera on your phone. Sometimes you can't take the time to scribble down your impressions. If you spot something that inspires you or you want to be able to describe later, snap a picture of it and be on your way. It is time efficient and it allows you to be able to come back to it again and again.

Voice recorder: I have one of these. A little thing that just needs a battery and that I can talk into when I don't have the time to grab a pen and paper and the thought process is just spewing out of me. With my little voice recorder, I am able to monologue into it, even if it is just a one-liner or a memo of what to remember for later. Most smart phones and tablets will have a voice recording option too.

Reading material: Whether it's a book on writing or a novel or short fiction piece, anything is helpful in stimulating your creative mind. Not matter where you are, you shouldn't be without something to read.

These are five things that come to mind that a writer might need when embarking somewhere. I'm always interested to know what other writers take with them, whether they are flying to another country or walking to the supermarket.

What are the things you carry with you that are essential to you as a writer?

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AJ said...

With me at most times: Notebook. Phone with notetaking capability. Pen (somewhere on one's person, at all times). Pocket camera, or phone again at a pinch. Back of a napkin, for those bigger ideas that might make a million.