Friday, April 15

0.4 by Mike Lancaster

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"My name is Kyle Straker and I don't exist anymore."

These are the transcripts of the tapes made by Kyle Straker. If what they say are true, then our history and who we are has been altered forever.

I learnt of this book online, but picked it up when I was back in New Zealand. In America, it is actually published under a different title: 'Human.4.'

This is a very compelling read, with the intrigue sustained throughout the entire novel. I always had questions and was continually interested. The plot is fast-paced and gripping.

While I was captivated during the reading process, '0.4' did something for me that doesn't happen with a lot of books. It left me thinking about its contents long after I'd closed the pages. I still am and it has left an impression on me.

It reminds me of studying Bertolt Brecht in drama classes. He wanted the audience to leave changed from when they came in and thinking rather than having an emotional response. Mike Lancaster achieved both.

The novel is all about humanity. For a human, it can only be personal, and thus I felt connected to the concept. It deals with insecurities, the unknown, morality, companionship, technology, and the evolutionary process, all on levels that you wouldn't expect. Most important of all, it makes you think about what exactly are the qualities that define us as human beings.

I would recommend '0.4' by Mike Lancaster to someone who is looking for a good science fiction read, but also to anyone who wants to feel that subtle yet powerful effect of a novel that hooks you and doesn't let you go, even after the last page is turned.


Stacey Donaldson said...

Excellent review. I love to read books that make me ponder...I will have to put that in my TBR stack!

I found your blog on another blog that I can't remember, but I'm glad I stopped by. I'll be participating in book trailer Thursday this week!

Becs said...

I saw this is a local bookshop and the cover (same as above) hooked me. I picked it up and was intrigued by the synopsis. I really want to read this novel now!!