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Boy Meets Boy by David Levithan

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Paul thrives in his world. He has two brilliant best friends – Tony and Joni – a great family and a wonderful school life. Nothing could be more perfect until he meets Noah, the boy who amplifies his life with colour and music.

Everything seems to be going perfectly until Kyle, Paul's ex-boyfriend, barges unexpectedly back into the picture and his relationship with Noah fractures. Now Paul has to try to win back the boy he loves. Add to that the troubles with his two best friends: Joni has shut herself away from him and Tony has been shut away from the world by his God-fearing parents.

Paul may be determined but he can't do everything on his own. It's going to take the help of every single person in his life to get things back on a groovy track.

'Boy Meets Boy' is a unique novel about a teenager who is sure of who he is but not always certain about how to go about everything. It's quite an interesting world that the author introduces, where drag queens are star quarterbacks and the cheerleaders ride motorcycles. It is a wonderful setting but it isn't an alienating one. David writes the story in a way in which this is a place where real people exist and there are still conflicts and controversies that you can find anywhere.

This isn't a novel filled with angst, nor is it drowning in optimism. It is, however, full of realism and hope. I liked the drive that Paul had, even when he was up against a lot, and wasn't sure of what he should do. He knew he needed to turn to people for help, and even when it seemed like he had no one he found the support he needed.

The characters in this novel are very well-written. They are strong and weak, subtle and outrageous. They are flawed, and they are perfect in their own ways. I loved reading about the character of Tony, Paul's best friend, who is not as embraced by his family in the same way that Paul is, but still finds strength in himself and understands that his parents love him in their way.

The relationship between Paul and Noah is magnificently portrayed. It shows you what young love should be, without making it overtly cheesy. I would definitely want to be able to chase after love like Paul does and find someone like Noah who I could paint music with.

'Boy Meets Boy' turns the world on its head and makes it the right-side up. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to read a good book about love, life and friendship.

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