Sunday, June 19

Writing is a Dream

Writing doesn't come easy. It isn't something you can daydream about and hope will happen on its own.

An ideal is tantalising and tempting to linger on. You think about the characters and the plot points you would develop. You bathe in the idea of being a best-seller and signing your book while eager readers wait in line to tell you how much it meant to them. Then, you doze off into a slumber...

Dreams pull you under like a good story. You're caught in the action, with no idea what to anticipate next. You forget the real world and get lost in the moment. Everything is intense and gripping. A dream is like a roller-coaster you can't get off of until that climactic moment has been reached. When you wake up, the effect is subtle but lasting. Something has changed.

The problem with a dream is that it's out of control. Also, what seemed to make perfect sense to you when you were asleep can make no sense when you wake up. Ideas can be like that too. You have a burst of genius but no real plot and when you try and write that idea down into story format, it seems lame and not very well thought out. Thus the dream is dashed...

Wait! Writing doesn't need to be such a scramble. You don't need to scratch the desire to be a published writer off as a dream and you don't need to sit around waiting for a dream to materialise all on its own. Perhaps you'll be snoozing one day and an idea will come to you that will spark your imagination but that imagination will need a lot of fuel called determination.

Don't let people say, 'You're dreaming,' when you tell them you want to be a published writer. Let skepticism be the catalyst to ignite your literary fury. Burn those finger muscles at the keyboard and wrestle with a pen over a notebook. Knuckle down and give your story some grounding. Don't let your own cynicism get you down.

Everyone has dreams – webs that catch you when you're sleeping and ideals that snag you when you're wishing – but if that dream is writing, then don't just sucker-punch it but do something about it.

Dreamers dream. Writers...write.

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