Saturday, August 13

Hunter's Moon by Paul Finch

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It's a time of leisure for the Doctor, Amy and Rory, until Rory takes a challenge in a casino too far and gambles away the Tardis - and his life - to a local mobster.

With Amy in hot pursuit of her husband the the local authorities unwilling to take direct action, the Doctor must disguise himself as a rich playboy, looking for a bit of outlandish fun.

What might be a game for the rich and criminal, turns into a nightmare for Rory and his fellow unwitting human participants. Stranded on the moon of Gorgoror, the humans are being sought out...and this game can only end in death.

Can the Doctor and Amy save Rory and the others? Time is against them.

This is the second Doctor Who novel I've "read." After finishing the audio book of 'Night of the Humans,' I needed more Doctor Who and I wanted more of Arthur Darvill's brilliant narration.

When browsing Doctor Who novels in book stores, 'Hunter's Moon' was the one that really caught my attention. Rory gets caught in a gambling dilemma on a strange alien planet? I was captivated.

The Doctor, Amy and Rory, are all separated at some point during the novel and I enjoyed the variety of how they handled the tense situation. The idea of 'Hunter's Moon' is very gripping and frightful but the characters are colourful and fascinating.

The mobsters who run the "game" all have quite similar names that begin with "X" or "K," which might have been easier to distinguish if I were reading it on paper but perhaps not. This is where Darvill's narrative skills really came in brilliantly as his vocal diversity helped me to distinguish who was who.

I'd recommend 'Hunter's Moon' to any avid Doctor Who fan and would encourage them to look into the audio book. I'm already itching for more.

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Diana said...

I'm a somewhat new Doctor Who fan, I've been interested since sometime last year but didn't get really involved until recently.
I've been thinking about reading some of the novels, but haven't been sure which, I might try this one as an audio book too.