Saturday, August 20

The Ring of Steel by Stephen Cole

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When Amy and the Doctor arrive in Orkney in the near future, they discover a large group of protesters who don't like the new electricity pylons destroying their landscape.

What they don't know, is that these pylons have a far more sinister agenda. Soon, roads begin opening without warning, creating massive chasms...and the pylons start walking.

With the help of the protesters, the Doctor and Amy must find out who is behind the construction of the pylons and their deadly mayhem and stop it before it's too late.

I grabbed this audio book because it was another one narrated by Arthur Darvill. I can't get enough of his narrative skills. I'm addicted.

These exclusive audio books are much shorter than the novel readings but they read just like an episode of Doctor Who. What they have that the novel audio books don't is sound effects. Great ones at that. I could hear the pylons moving and the bells ringing and the ships sounding their horns. It really amplified the tension. Quite exhilarating.

There was even some voice alteration for some of the characters. Imagine Gollum shrieking into a microphone. It was very creepy, especially since I was listening to it at night with lightning cracking through the blinds.

Darvill only accentuated Cole's writing with his narration. The imagery was very clear and effective: "the moon, now revealed like a breath-freshening mint in the night's wide open mouth..." Brilliant! Excellent writing.

I'd recommend 'The Ring of Steel' by Stephen Cole to any avid Doctor Who fan looking for a good audio book romp.

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