Friday, August 26

The Runaway Train by Oli Smith

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Amy and the Doctor arrive in the Ol' West, to be confronted by three men who all claim that they've been hired for a job.

With the help of their new friends, Amy and the Doctor must acquire a dangerous alien piece of technology.

Now they've got enemies on both sides - soldiers and aliens - coming to claim what they feel is theirs to take.

This is a very fast-paced and action packed audio book. It might cause problems for those who need a slower narrative but otherwise it is very gripping. There is never a lull with Matt Smith's narration.

I had a lot of fun being transported to the Old American West but things might have seemed same-old if it weren't for Amy and the Doctor. Their characters just bring so much more interest and excitement to the plot.

Matt's American accent was a lot stronger than his Scottish one but since Amy is an established character, it didn't matter. I could picture her perfectly.

Oli's description of the West really makes it feel like you were there. It's a wonderful piece of escapism and I can see myself traveling back there.

I'd recommend 'The Runaway Train' to any avid Doctor Who fan who wants to listen to something fun and adrenaline-packed.

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Sounds like a winner!!!