Saturday, September 3

The Playbook by Barney Stinson, with Matt Kuhn

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Suit up. Score chicks. Be awesome.

After listening to the audio book for 'The Bro Code,' I had to have more of Barney Stinson’s sexist humour and creative wit.

In this volume, there are plenty of "plays" which demonstrate ways in which poor schmucks can attempt to get some.

Each play includes its success rate, the kind of women it attracts, requirements to initiate the play, the preparation time and possible problems.

The plays range from easy to very hard and lame to extravagant. While I can see Barney Stinson carrying out each and every one of these plays, I think that if another bloke tried out some of these cockamamie schemes, he could find himself in a serious mess. All puns in this paragraph were unintended. True story.

The plays are titled things such as "The Lifeguard," "The Kidney Scheme" and even "The Doogie." Plenty of the them were very creative, although you’d have to find a really gullible chick to make them work.

If men can find the time to work so hard to put together all of these plays to try and attract the attention of women, then women can just as easily listen to 'The Playbook' and put much less effort into weeding out random creeps. Backfire, Stinson.

I laughed out loud at several moments in 'The Playbook.' I’m glad that I chose to listen to the book instead of read it as there is much more life to the humour when narrated.

'The Playbook' by Barney Stinson with Matt Kuhn is recommended for fans of Barney Stinson and his antics. Not for children or the easily offended.

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