Monday, November 7

The Lost Colony by Eoin Colfer

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Artemis is sticking his intellect into fairy business once again. This time, he’s managed to track down appearances of a banished fairy race – demons. The demons have been trapped in limbo all this time but now they are starting to reappear in random times and places.

Holly and Artemis must find a way to keep the demon world from exploding back into theirs without any control, otherwise the result to be catastrophic for all fairy-kind.

They aren’t the only ones with their sights on the demons, however. There is another who has managed to track and capture one of the demons – and this demon may be exceptionally more powerful than the rest.

Who is this mystery demon-catcher? She is Minerva Paradizo, a young genius just like Artemis – and she’s only twelve years old.

Can Artemis manage to retrieve the demon from Minerva and save the People from exposure…or will his budding hormones hinder him?

Okay, so Artemis Fowl finally hit puberty and it is the most awesome thing to read about…er, listen to. Yes, hearing Artemis’ developments and reactions on audio book is far more rewarding.

I think I was just about to explode from the, Oh my gosh, that is SO cute, ha ha, reactions I was having throughout the novel. Forget the fact that the world was at risk from demons, I could have been satisfied with just Artemis’ pubescence.

The main demon in the book, Number One, was a delightful character. Up until now, I adored the fact that the character cast wasn’t all that expanding and instead focused on developing the characters I knew and loved in each book. Number One is a happy exception. I particularly loved his obsession with learning new words like “balloon.” It gave me a better appreciation for the wonder of language.

The events at the end of the novel were the most riveting. Artemis goes through some changes far beyond puberty that promise to prove interesting. I knew I had to have the next book in the series faster than I had ever wanted any of the others because the changes were so drastic and promising that I had to experience them immediately.

I have in fact already started listening to 'The Time Paradox' on audio book and it is proving to be the best written novel of the entire series.

(Seriously, Minerva and Artemis – THAT IS SO DAMN CUTE!)

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