Sunday, December 11

Why Writers Should Be More Like Hedgehogs

We don't have a hedgehog overlord at Quill Café based on cuteness alone. Hedgehogs have plenty of fine qualities that writers should aspire to.

There are a few ways in which you can better yourself as a quiller writer, by following Quillbert's example and bringing out the hedgehog in you.

With these eleven points, think about how you can develop your countenance and technique as a writer.

1. A hedgehog's sharp quills protect it. You need to be tough on the outside to make it as a writer, while still maintaining a pleasant demeanor. Don't let negativity or criticism get to you, but don't harden yourself to others. A hedgehog's quills even protect it against a snake's poisonous bite. Then, it eats the snake.

2. Hedgehogs draw techniques from others to help improve their skills. They can extract poison from plants and then anoint their quills to strengthen them against predators.

3. If you fall, you can always get back up. Hedgehogs can plummet from trees and just bounce because of their quills. (Note: Do not propel yourself from a tree. This is a metaphor.) Hedgehogs inspire metaphors. Keep trying, even after you fail, and you will be an inspiration to other writers.

4. Hedgehogs grunt when they work. This is also a trait of writers when they are agitated. If you are being productive like a hedgehog, grunting is acceptable. If you are just grumpy about your writing, it's time to take a break.

5. Hedgehogs don't have the best eyesight and it's not because they sit in front of a computer screen all day. They rely on their sense of smell and hearing. Writers often forget to include other sensory descriptions in their work, focusing too much on what their characters can see.

6. Solitary creatures, they still know when they need to get out and meet other hedgehogs. Remember to balance your writing schedule with your social life. If you can find other writers in your area, it might be good to get together once in a while like a Herd of Hedgehogs.

7. Young hedgehogs are known as hoglets or pups. If you have children who are bothering you while you are writing, it is best to think of them by either of these terms. They are far cuter and will improve your outlook. Maybe.

8. Sometimes hedgehogs are unappreciated and viewed as irritable or a vermin. Other times they are revered and sought after for their skills. It is all a matter of perspective. Not everyone will see your worth but it is good to remember that you are pretty awesome.

9. Hedgehogs are not born with their epic quills, but go through a process called "quilling" where they shed and grow new quills every few weeks or months. The process can vary and it is good to remember that quilling is much like evolving your writing technique. You do it at your own speed, over time.

10. If you're thinking that hedgehogs hibernate, and that is your excuse for being lazy and taking naps all the time, think again. Hedgehogs that live in captivity do not hibernate. So stop sleeping all the time and get back to work.

11. Hedgehogs are nocturnal. If you are in an inspirational mood at night, you should try and write what you can. Jot down your ideas before you fall asleep or you will forget them in the morning. Do not attempt to stay up all night, running yourself ragged. Hedgehogs who are careless with their activities at night do not have happy endings. It's better to get some shut eye.

So, when you're lacking in confidence or stress is getting to you, just embrace your inner hedgehog.

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Almi said...

This is my absolutely favorite kind of advice. I will channel my inner hedgehog forevermore!