Tuesday, January 17

The Glamour Chase by Gary Russell

When archeologists unearth a dig in the 1930s, what they find isn't from any dead human race. In fact, it isn't human...and it is very much alive. A spaceship and its crew trapped, trying to survive and escape.

The Doctor receives a distress signal and he, Amy and Rory, investigate the strange dig and the even stranger people. No one is quite who they seem to be, even among the travelers of the TARDIS.

Who sent the distress signal? What is the Glamour and who is trying to claim it at any cost?

I had been desperate to get this audio book for a long time. It was the last of the Doctor Who audio books available narrated by Arthur Darvill. The unfortunate - and frustrating - thing was, that it was not available on Audible, which I favour because it allows you to download the book in one file. It was not available on iTunes or anywhere except by purchase on CDs (which I detest) and AudioGo. I gave in and purchased it from there. It wasn't so bad because, while it was still divided into parts, each part was a chapter. I just had to make sure that my iPod was not on shuffle. Otherwise I ended up with Chapter 11 instead of Chapter 1. Oops! There were 19 parts in total.

The book itself was a great listen. I loved being back with Darvill as a narrator. It was also interesting to experience a time with the Doctor and his companions which took place back in the fifth season. In fact, due to the comments made by the characters, I can place the time of this novel to be after 'Amy's Choice' and right before 'The Hungry Earth.'

In the novel, Rory is still very new to the whole companionship and the world of the TARDIS. The Doctor and Amy are often teasing him and it is easy to sympathise with him. He isn't pathetic, of course. Who doesn't love Rory for his faults, humour, determination and passion? He shines in this novel.

What I liked in 'The Glamour Chase' was that it always had me guessing at every moment what might happen next or what was happening at that very moment. I was never quite clued in, which was brilliant. There were always surprises and twists I wasn't expecting. An impressive combination of great characters and an excellent execution of plot.

The only thing that I found difficult in the book was that some of the characters have numbers instead of names. I wonder if this might have been easier to follow if I was reading them in text but possibly not. Either way, Darvill's dramatisation made it more followable than it might have been.

I recommend 'The Glamour Chase' to any avid Doctor Who fan and have to insist that you hold out for the audio book, in whichever format you can find it. Russell's writing with Darvill's narration is a thrilling execution.

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Debbie said...

I've loved all the Dr Who t.v series, but haven't read any of the books or audio (yet).

If you like audio check out the BBC Radio serial, Journey into Space-Operation Luna. I've just posted about this on my blog. (Post: Cats, Moon and Memories).