Wednesday, September 19

When's the Doctor? by Jorge Santillan

It's no secret that I adore 'Where's the Doctor?' - a book in the search-and-find style of the iconic 'Where's Wally?' Dare I say 'When's the Doctor' blows it out of the Waters of Mars? I do.

Starring the Eleventh Doctor, Amy and Rory, travelling through time in the TARDIS, Jorge Santillan has managed to bring the worlds of Doctor Who to life, with many more Easter Eggs han I anticipated.

Find Daleks, Cybermen and Weeping Angelsin numerous scenes, along with an assortment of familiar characters from seasons one through six.

In New Earth you can spot Cassandra, cat nurses and the Face of Boe. Victorian England is home to Jackson Lake, Miss Hartigan, Charles Dickens and - of course - the Queen herself. Gangers abound...and don't think you'll miss out on Roman Rory.

A fob watch, Ten's glasses, Eleven's sonic screwdriver, Four's scarf, K-9...there is too much to list and so much to discover and enjoy.

Even without knowing that characters would apear and where (or should I say when?) I was able to spot them due to Santillan's marvelous illustrations. There are a few minor characters that have been copy-pasted here and there and for the life of me I can't find River Song but I am above and beyond appeased.

I need more Doctor Who search-and-find books and I won't complain if Jorge Santillan is the one to do them.
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