Wednesday, October 17

The Angel's Kiss by Melody Malone, with Justin Richards

Melody Malone is a private detective in 1930's New York. When the handsome movie star Rock Railton thinks someone is out to get him, he implores her help. There is one word that peaks her interest - angels.

Thrust into the shady world of the limelight, with killers hot on her heel, Melody must find out the truth about The Starlight Motion Picture Company. Can she help Rock Railton before it's too late?

I need to start off by stating that this isn't the same book that the Doctor reads in the episode 'The Angels Take Manhattan' despite the duplicate title and cover image. The chapter titles are different, the afterword is not there and this story takes place before the events in season seven, episode five of Doctor Who.

That being said, I found 'The Angel's Kiss' to be a most enjoyable read. It really captures that classic style of detective fiction that makes you think of black and white films and lamplight shining through the shutters.

The book is written in first person, past tense. The voice of the narrative made it enjoyable to read and I felt myself being sucked into the atmosphere. Even knowing that the book would incorporate Angels in some way, I was still guessing as to how throughout the story. There was good pacing and plot twists. Melody's humour and lack of modesty was quite refreshing.

'The Angel's Kiss' is a enjoyable novella that I would recommend to fans of Doctor Who that are looking for a brief escape in the wake of the mid-season finale. One thing I would have enjoyed, though I did like immersing myself in the text, was to have 'The Angel's Kiss' narrated on audio by Alex Kingston. That would have given it some extra oomph.
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