Tuesday, January 1

Misconceptions About Quill Café

Hello, Quillers. I thought I would take a moment to address a few confusions there may be concerning Quill Café.

1. Quill Café is Not a Young Adult Blog

Young Adult fiction is far from what I shy away from here at Quill Café. There are so many emerging and established authors writing quality fiction for a young audience. An added factor is that there is such a large selection of YA book bloggers out there. I get constant waves of information through blogging and twitter about new YA books to read.

Yet, I like to think of myself as an eclectic reader. At least, I aspire to be. Okay, "Young Adult" is not a genre, so it is not in any way a narrow reading field, but there are still plenty of great novels for adults and I'll be honest, sometimes I would just rather read an awesome book written for five year olds than another riddled with teenage angst. I need my space to maintain the love.

If you do want to zone in on our YA aspect, you can check out our Young Adult tag. Although, that generally directs to reviews of YA novels. Which brings me to...

2. Quill Café is Not a Review Blog

When I think of the word "review" I think "critical" but that's not really what I do when I write up on a book. I like to talk about aspects of it that I liked. Sometimes they are how I was swept away by the characters, other times how an author has used literary elements to their advantage. Sure, I can be critical but I prefer not to worm my way into a long rant, particularly as these days if I come across a book I don't like I try not to force myself to finish reading it.

I call them "reviews" on Quill Café but they're really recommendations. Not everything I enjoy will be something you will, but I offer my little insight into it anyway. However, the purpose of Quill Café is not primarily as a review blog. It's a blog about writing and reading, literary and creative things, and just what plagues the life of the bookish and writerish.

So, while I'm always chuffed when someone reads a book because I recommend it to them and enjoys it, it's not the purpose of this blog to analyse specific titles, but instead to swim in the vast, confusing and enticing world of words. Thus far I have found it more fun that frightening.

3. Quill Café is Not an Actual Café

Not something I would have thought I'd need to clarify, but soon after setting up the blog's email I received a message from a man, inquiring as to whether we had any bottle caps we could send him to help expand his collection. I never responded, since I was a little befuddled at the time, but I probably should have. Anyway, let me clear it up now.

While I would love for there to be a physical Quill Café, with hot chocolate all round ( marshmallows and cinnamon for those who want it) and the endless clicking of laptop keys and scribbling of quill pens...alas, there is not. Instead, we can still do all those things through the fantastic connection of the interwebs. No bottle caps, though. Sorry. Maybe one day we will rectify this and seize the world with Quill Café bottle cap necklaces!

In the meantime, it's just a blog with several affiliated social media accounts. So, as much as I appreciate being added to your Google+ circles, Quill Café isn't an actual eating establishment.

4. Quillbert is Not a Porcupine

He is a hedgehog, a hoglet, a hedgepiggy. A lot of people get confused between hedgehogs and porcupines but the truth is that they are not related. They both have prickly bits, but a porcupine's quills are long and can be released on contact. Hedgehogs are smaller and have shorter spines. They're also cuter...but then again, I'm biased.

I should take this moment to clear up the fact that hedgehogs have spines, not quills. Yes, I refer to hedgehogs as having quills and probably will continue to do so in the future, just because it sounds better when coupled with the writing instrument in my mind. I appologise if my stubborn use of an incorrect term makes anyone's head explode.

5. Quillbert's Name is Pronounced...

With a silent "t" if you are French, a silent/soft "r" if you are English, and an accented grunt if you are a hedgepig. Otherwise it is pronounced in the manner of your choosing.


Chihuahua Zero said...

#3 reminds me of the time I got fashion-related spam after posting about clothing in the Roaring Twenties.

Have a happy new year, Keri!

Chihuahua Zero said...

By the way, I have a quick question.

Where did you get Quillbert from? Are there more of him out there, or is he custom made?

Sydnee said...

Chihuahua, Quillbert was a creation of Keri's. She designed and named him, and I traditionally color the images you see of him. We both own totebags with his lovely mug on it, but currently we are not selling them.

Keri said...

Oh, she's referring to his beanie form, which is ty. Also, you named Quillbert, Sydnee, you fogetful person.

Sydnee said...

OOPS. Curse my nonexistent memory.