Wednesday, May 22

Fish & Chips by by Abigail Roux and Madeleine Urban

After a long stretch of desk work, Zane and Ty finally have a new assignment – they’re going undercover on a cruise…as a married couple. Thrown into a mix of criminals, the two men must do their best to discover what they can about the men there are posing as and their business partners.

It isn’t long before Ty and Zane are dodging attempts on their lives. With no sign of back up, they must do their best to stay afloat, living their roles…but when the line between reality and fiction start to blur, both agents may end up hurt in ways they can’t prevent.

This is the first time I have ever switched narrators for a series. I often give books a go just because I like the narrator, so if the narrator trods off, I go also. The only problem is, I really liked this series. So I was faced with two options: switch narrators…or read the rest of the series myself. Pfft, like I remember how to read. So, I gave the new narrator – Sean Crisden – a shot and he was even more awesome than the previous. Zane’s voice was quite a bit different (I couldn’t hear it on the preview so I didn’t know what to expect until my purchase) but I liked it.

I liked it a lot. In fact, I’ve listened to this book twice all the way through. The assignment of Zane and Ty being a sleazy, criminal married couple was just too delicious a premise. It was interesting to see the lines blur between the roles Ty and Zane were taking on and their true feelings for one another.

Zane's character flaws came into play a lot in this novel - his jealousy and his struggle with his alcoholism - and I found him a lot more compelling for it. Whereas Ty explores hi more openly vulnerable and submissive side, which was riveting. He had some very sentimental as well as hilarious moments.

The plot was well-written and I couldn't guess who was behind what or exactly where the danger was coming from. It made for a thrilling conundrum. I particularly loved how tangible the tension was in the rock climbing and scuba diving scenes. Brilliant writing.

This is my favourite installment of the Cut & Run series thus far. I have listened to the audio book twice through since purchase. After I finished the book for the first time, I was quick to get onto the next, 'Divide & Conquer.'
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