Tuesday, June 4

Happy Birthday, Bad Kitty by Nick Bruel

It's Kitty's birthday...and she just wants to sleep. Until there is the promise of presents and cake! All goes fairly well until Kitty's presents start disappearing. Who could the culprit be?

I'd seen the Bad Kitty titles in store before but I'd never looked into them. So, when I attended Book Expo America this month, I took up the line to have 'Happy Birthday, Bad Kitty' signed by Kitty herself. Quillbert even got a picture taken with her.

'Happy Birthday, Bad Kitty' is a quick, comical and cute read. More than that, it is insightful. Kitty's attitude rings true with many cat lovers and more so, the informative inserts between the story are excellent. Subjects such as why cats sleep so much and when kittens should be separated from their mothers.

Much as I loved Kitty and her attitude, it was wonderful to see the guests at the party, other cats with their own protruding personalities. My favourite had to be Stranger Kitty. He was so quirky and I loved his passion for reading comics. There is also a nice index at the back of the book explaining the breeds of all the cats.

A very enjoyable read, I will definitely be looking into more of the Bad Kitty books.
In accordance with the FTC, Quill Café would like to disclose that the reviewer received this book at Book Expo America. The opinions expressed are hers alone and no monetary compensation was offered to her by the author or publisher. Cover art is copyright of Square Fish and is used solely as an aide to the review.

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