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The New World by Patrick Ness

Viola and her parents have been chosen to be the landing party for the new world, the first people of the convoy to set foot on a planet.

What once seemed like an amazing opportunity becomes a horrifying reality at the prospect of leaving everyone and everything she has ever known behind.

Only the descent into the new world doesn’t go as planned, and none of Viola's hopes and fears can prepare her.

I had heard nothing but good things about Patrick Ness’ books in passing, though I had no real clue what any of them were about. When I discovered that there was a free prequel to The Chaos Walking trilogy, I snatched it up.

The story followed the moment Viola first discovers her family has been selected, through to her arrival in the new world. However, it is not narrated in chronological order. Back story can be a tricky thing but the small fragments of the present and the past were spliced together in such a way that the story was fast-paced and constantly held my attention.

Viola is a compelling protagonist and narrator. She is full of fear and wonder and her voice enveloped me and drew me into her journey, as though I were adrift in the universe heading for the unknown. It was a fascinating feeling and made for a riveting narrative.

In such a short period of time Ness made me attached to Viola and her journey. However, the little I know of the first novel in the trilogy – ‘The Knife of Never Letting Go’ – is that it has a male protagonist. I know little of what to expect, other than more of Ness’ captivating writing style.

I listened to ‘The New World’ on audio, beautifully narrated by Angela Dawe. She voiced Viola’s insecurities and emotions perfectly and had such a brilliant hold on the tension of the story. I will definitely be checking to see what other titles she has narrated.

I would recommend ‘The New World’ to anyone who is curious about Patrick Ness’ writing, particularly his Chaos Walking trilogy. Whether you choose to read or listen to it – I was able to acquire both for free on Kindle and Audible – you won’t be disappointed.
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