Wednesday, February 12

Don't Push the Button! by Bill Cotter

In accordance with the FTC, Quill Café would like to disclose that the reviewer received this book at Book Expo America. The opinions expressed are hers alone and no monetary compensation was offered to her by the author or publisher. Cover art is copyright of SourceBooks and is used solely as an aide to the review.

Larry only has one rule when it comes to his book: DON'T PUSH THE BUTTON.

Are you daring enough to break it and face the consequences?

'Don't Push the Button!' is a clever concept that prompts the reader to physically interact with the book. The story unfolds into an ever growing mischievous sequence of events and is a delightful read.

The layout of the book is sweet and simple, with a tantalizing red button on the left pages and Larry and the text on the right. Cotter illustrates the book with bright colours that elevate the humour and creativity of the story.

'Don't Push the Button!' is a book that I would recommend to anyone who knows the sudden irrepressible itch that arises at temptation of a physical or metaphorical red button.

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