Monday, February 3

The Sane Time to Write?

"Are you a morning person or an evening person?"

That seems to be a frequent question I get asked. At least on those personality quizzes I keep taking on Facebook to procrastinate my life away.

You can probably also tell that I'm not being exceptionally productive.

Whether due to the insubstantial yet numerous distractions on the internet, or a scattered sense of priorities, I have no been getting that much writing done during the day.

However, there is one time when I am exceptionally productive!

3am in the morning.

Yes, I am not a morning or an afternoon or an evening person. I am a ludicrous hours of the night loon with a whimsy to write. Which would be great if it didn't completely screw over my sleep schedule and make me feel like a zombie in the hours when I am conscious but not caffeinated.

Also, I can't help but worry that what my sleep starved brain might think is an excellent plot twist could be nonsensical an awakened mind. Who knows what embarrassing antics might make it onto the page?

Of course, that's what later rewrites are there to check for. I'll just have to make sure I've righted by body clock by then. It seems that much as my characters live in a different time zone, so too does my mind. Nope, wait, I checked. Different country, same time zone, fifty year gap. That's how much sleep I feel like I need to catch up on.

When is your favourite (or prompted) time to write? Let me know if you are a morning person, an evening person, or anywhere near as nocturnal as I am.


Emma Michaels said...

I have a tendency to write times I am supposed to be eating and then forget the whole, was supposed to eat part. :p

Keri said...

Emma: I totally read your comment and then remembered I'd left the pot on to boil.

Anonymous said...

I am not a morning person. However, there is one huge advantage to writing in the early morning. It helps you claim the tone of the day for your writing, no matter what stressful occupation you then head off to. By giving your writing, you best, first, thoughts of the day, you feel more empowered to deal with whatever it is you have to do to pay the bills.

Keri said...

Bozobuttons: That's a good point. Managing to have a sense of accomplishment first thing in the day is certainly rewarding.