Wednesday, February 5

The Snatchabook by Helen Docherty and Thomas Docherty

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Eliza Brown is a rabbit who loves to read. When all the storybooks start to go missing, she seeks out the culprit. Who could be thieving these beloved books and why?

The concept of the creature that is the Snatchabook is a clever one and charmingly portrayed. The story uses a simple but sensational rhyming scheme that is wonderful to read aloud. The rhythm of the wording drew me into the story and held me captive to the mystery of the Snatchabook.

Eliza and the other critters of the forest are beautifully depicted. Not only are they entranced by the books they read but they have vivid imaginations. The story depicts the effect that books have, both in instilling creativity and bringing individuals together.

'The Snatchabook' is illustrated with the cool dark colours of the nighttime forest and the warm glow of reading lights. The juxtaposition perfectly captures the sensation of reading a good book late at night.

I would be quick to recommend 'The Snatchabook' to anyone who loves curling up with a good story.

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