Thursday, April 17

I Could Pee On This: And Other Poems By Cats by Francesco Marciuliano

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Cats are complicated creatures. In 'I Could Pee On This,' Felines give voice to their introspection through a purrfect collection of poetry.

Francesco Marciuliano has selected an excellent array of poems, segmented into four chapters: Family, Work, Play, and Existence. They each express the sentiments of catkind, and give some explanation of their often perplexing actions.

'I Could Pee On This' is a humour and cleverly written compilation of poetry. The poems range from free verse, to various rhyming schemes, and even a deft haiku titled "Sushi."

A few of my favourites are: "This Is My Chair," "Your Keyboard," "Busy, Busy," "Tiny Boxes," "Kitten," "A Cat Like Me," "I'm Not Paranoid," and "I Miss Me."

'I Could Pee On This' is a book that will resonate with feline lovers, and give some insight into the curious minds of cats. I also recommend it for readers who are timid of - or pessimistic towards - poetry.

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