Wednesday, June 11

My Cat Likes to Hide in Boxes by Eve Sutton, Illustrated by Lynley Dodd

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The cat from Spain flew an aeroplane, the cat from France liked to sing and dance...

Cats are internationally renowned creatures, with assorted traits and talents. Yet, above all, there is one allure that brings out the playfulness in every house cat: a simple box.

'My Cat Likes to Hide in Boxes' is one of my absolute childhood favourites. It introduces cats from all over the world – fancy felines from France and suave cats from Spain – but all are eclipsed by the narrator's cat who likes to hide in boxes.

Sutton's writing utilises rhyme and repetition, with a wonderful rhythmic quality and witty flair. She introduces extravagant characters, while not falling into the trap of representing any negative stereotypes. Each cat is wonderful in its own way, but the ultimate line – the title of the book – is the real gem.

Lynley Dodd beautifully illustrates the book with a softer pallet for the cats and more solid colours for the backgrounds. The personalities of each cat are wonderfully captured, and the illustrations are imaginative, funny, and sweet. My particular favourite is of the cat in the hat box.

'My Cat Likes to Hide in Boxes' is an excellent book for cat lovers of all ages. I cannot recommend it highly enough.

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