Friday, July 21

Cats at Hogwarts: A Poem

While perusing through the pages
Of the Potterverse, I found
That there weren't a lot of kitties
Lurking on the Hogwarts ground.

I checked my acceptance letter
And found quite plainly that
Each student was allowed to bring
An owl, a toad, or cat.

So I pondered probability
And the result that I got
Was that even with some owls and toads
Of cats there'd be a lot.

Yet Crookshanks and Mrs Norris
Were all the felines I could find.
Where did these other kitties go?
A few thoughts came to mind:

Were they cooped up in the common rooms,
Curled up by the fire?
For, strewn all over Hogwarts,
There's so much that could transpire!

Cats in the Potions classroom
Batting bottles from the shelves.
Or prowling in the kitchens,
Pawing hopefully at House Elves.

Gallivanting through the Great Hall
With greedy, expectant looks.
Cats lounging in the library,
Sprawled out on the books.

Cats sleeping on the stairs,
Sending first years for a fall.
Cats being cooed at
By the portraits on the wall.

Frolicking in the Forbidden Forest
And spraying on Hagrid's hut.
Cats yelling at any door
They deem should not be shut.

Cats ousted from the owlery,
Eyeing an eagle, barn or tawny.
Cats reclining on pouffes,
Getting tummy rubs from Trelawney.

Caterwauling in the corridors,
Singing a 3am lament.
Cats being pestered by Peeves,
Or finding the Room of Requirement.

There are so many places
These curious cats could be,
And so my thoughts are hounded
By their mysterious scarcity.

Perhaps these cats are not of note
To the boy with the lightning scar.
But I will never cease to wonder
Where these magical felines are.

(Cats: Charlie, Severus, Ariel, Rocky.)

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