Wednesday, July 12

Quillbert Cosplays at Wellington Armageddon 2017

Last month I went to Armageddon for the first time. Armageddon – for the unawares – is the nerd convention here in New Zealand. It happens in several locations throughout the year. In June it's in Wellington, the capital of New Zealand. It is also in winter...because they want the nerdlings to suffer. Suffer, I say!

The best thing about Armageddon wasn't the panels, or the fact that they sell real stabby-stabby swords for you to buy. No, it was the cosplayers! Here are some of the fabulous people I met!

First came the Whovians:

The Fourth Doctor and the Tenth Doctor!
(Man Out of Time and Unidentified Time Lord)

I don't think this is a cosplayer. I think this is a real Ood.

I travelled with the TARDIS and was captured by Missy!
(Bee Nicole and Emma Malcolm)

Only to be saved from Missy by Rose and the Doctor!
(Emma Malcolm, Nicki Hunter and Kenneth Hird)

Before meeting a beautiful Dalek. ♥
(Tasha Johnson)

Next came an onslaught of villainy:

They're Harley and Harley!
(Daeresiel Cosplay and Colin Edson)

Two Jokers? It's a madhouse!
(Taylor Johnston and Daeresiel Cosplay)

A stormtrooper tried to shoot me. He missed.

Vanessa stole my heart with her hypnotic voice. The Shame Nun didn't approve.
(Pixie Lee and Kay Hoddy)

I barely escaped being sliced up by Freddy!
(Andrew Murphy)

Then came the questionable:

Is Frank a hero or a villain? He does do some naughty things. Maybe we should ask Captain Jack Sparrow.
(Taylor Johnston and Dante Jerwais Sparrow)

Finally there were the heroes!

I met R2-D2 and BB-8!

Astrid was looking for a viking. I volunteered!
(Nicki Hunter)

Megara is sassy and Queen Elinor is sophisticated. Both all-around elegant!

So glad Princess Fiona didn't sing and explode me. I felt much safer with the White Queen.
(Elise Lockhart and Alannah Martin)

Then I was swept up by Hiccup and Astrid, ready return to more dragon training adventures. Oh no, I forgot my helmet!

I had so many fun adventures at Wellington Armageddon! I can't wait for October, when there is the biggest convention of the year at Auckland Armageddon. What new comrades and nemeses will I find?

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