Thursday, November 2

Hairy Maclary from Donaldson's Dairy by Lynley Dodd

In accordance with the FTC, Quill Café would like to disclose that the reviewer borrowed this book from a human. The opinions expressed are his alone and no monetary compensation was offered to him by the author or publisher. Cover art is copyright of Penguin Books NZ.*

Hairy Maclary
was up to no good.
He was out to patrol
his neck of the hood.

Pursued by his crew,
first - Hercules Morse.
A gang leader needs
his muscle, of course.

Bottomly Potts
was his dog on the street,
he knew every secret
of the horde and elite.

Muffin McLay
was his trusted advisor,
though his hipster haircut
would make you none the wiser.

Bitzer Maloney
was Maclary's bookie.
He could always sniff out
a chump or a rookie.

Schnitzel von Krumm
was Maclary's best snitch.
He could get all the dirt
without gaining a stitch.

Maclary's boys leered
through windows and doors,
they strutted down streets
and loitered near stores.

Onlookers knew something
was about to go down,
when the gang confronted
the toughest cat in town.

Notorious gangster
Scarface Claw
withdrew his guns
and let out a roar.

The six canine goons,
they yelped and they fled,
they scurried back home
and curled up in bed.

When pondering street gangs
children, be wary -
and remember the dangers
of Donaldson's Dairy.

*Little blue penguins are native to New Zealand. They are very cute.

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