Thursday, February 18

Quiller Beginnings

Welcome, fellow lovers of literature, to Quill Café.

The goal here is to explore many different topics and aspects literature with others who share similar interests and goals.

I come to you on a quest to further my knowledge and broaden my outlook. I love to discuss my passion with other active writers, readers, and creative minds. They inspire and encourage me to try new things, take risks, and most of all just write. I want to return their encouragement with an enthusiasm of my own.

That is what I am. An enthusiast. I'm not perfect or an expert. My goal is to learn just as much as I have to share.

So, if you are on a literary path of your own, pull up a chair and pour yourself a mug of coffee or hot chocolate and tell me a little about yourself.

What do you write? What inspires you? What keeps your passion alive? What puts your pen (or quill) to the page, or keeps your fingers typing?

Feel free to share your passion. I'm eager to get to know who else is out there, swept up in a literary fervor.


Cattie said...

I heard there was coffee. I demand a cinnamon latte. Or no pretty words! I need a sign - "Will write for coffee."

What do I write...poetry, but for me it's kind of more of a journally thing than any real intentional writing. As for other stuff, in the past two years I've started three novels, four short stories, and one children's book, and jotted down detailed synopses and ideas for about forty more projects - and finished exactly zero, so that should tell you something about me, ha. I like writing lit ficky type stuff, and YA. Though occasionally I might wander briefly into the realm of fantasy - but the sort of reasonable, "low fantasy" kind, not the kind with hobbits.

Look forward to hearing about everyone else's literary schtuff.


Hoshizora Aona said...

Cattie, you use the word "schtuff"; I love you.
Like a lot of other people I have a million ideas and not enough staples to nail my muse to the desk to hammer them all out. I write mostly modern fantasy-style and dabble a little bit into poetry, but not as much as I used to since I left High School five years ago.
I hope we can all exchange ideas, frustrations, and coffee of course, for the betterment of all of our writing. Hope to see a lot out of the blog--just like in dA!