Monday, July 26

And The Dedication Goes To...

This is a question for all of my fellow writers out there, aspiring authors (like me) and otherwise:

If you had a book published, who would you dedicate it to?

Your mother/parents/family?


Fellow writers?

That librarian who was always helping you out?

A school teacher?

Your imaginary friend, Jeff?

It’s a question I’ve been asking myself lately, too.

Part of me says, “Don’t get ahead of the game, Keri! This is just you finding another way to procrastinate from writing.”

Another part of me thinks that it’s actually quite an important (and exciting) thing to consider. I mean, what if your dedication is to someone who inspires you or your writing? Wouldn’t that propel you to succeed?

I’m actually writing out a few ideas of who I would dedicate my novels to and what the dedication would read.

How about you? Is it something you think about?

Share who you would dedicate your book to bellow!


Anonymous said...

to be honest, nobody.
I write a novel for myself and myself only.

Joycelyn said...

I'm afraid to say I never quite understood what the dedication was for.

Why would you dedicate your book to a specific person? What about all the other readers? If you want to thank a person, couldn't it be done in the author's note?