Saturday, July 23

Buying Books Online

I need books. I’m addicted to tagging along after new characters and being swallowed whole by stories.

If, like me, you often find yourself in desire of a certain book, you also might have one of the following problems:

1. The nearest bookstore is not within walking distance. You have no car. No driver’s licence. No one will take you.

2. The desired book is not sold in the country where you live.

3. You are picky about what edition you get. It must match your other books.

4. The local bookstore can order it in for you but it’s going to take weeks.

5. You’re too lazy to leave the house.

The solution? Purchasing books online.

With the invention of online retailers, it’s now easy for us to get things we want that we would have a hard time finding on foot in our local areas.

There is an abundance of books out there in the world, waiting to be found and read. By purchasing them online, you’re guaranteeing that you’ll get something that you could be hunting for…forever.

There are a few reasons buying books online is so fab:

1. Books are often cheaper online, even if you include shipping. Some sites even give the option to buy good-quality used books.

2. It is a lot easier to pre-order a book on a website than it is to do it in a store.

3. The Mail Ninja is everyone’s BFF. We all get excited when we get packages in the mail. Even more so when they’re full of awesome books!

There are two questions you need to ask yourself when deciding whether or not you want to purchase a book online:

1. Are you a patient person?

If you are not, then waiting for your book to arrive in the mail is going to suck. You'll be pressing your nose against the glass, trying to spot the mail ninja (come on, the key word is "ninja") every day and writhing in agony when it doesn't show.

2. Is the book available in stores where you live?

If it is, why wait just because you might be getting it for a little cheaper? Book stores are fantastic things and there is nothing like the atmosphere of one. If you can get your book now, then visiting one may be the best way to go. If you're stuck in a place where the book may never be sold...hello online retailers!

There is, of course, a solution, that allows you to get the book you want, online and pronto! Just buy an eBook and hey presto you have yourself a book, downloaded straight to your computer or onto your eReader. No traveling to a book store and no worrying over the Mail Ninja.

Not everyone is parital to eBooks and reading for prolonged periods of time off a screen. If you're stranded in a land that just won't stock and sell the book you really want but don't want to submit to download, then I suggest you visit the Book Depository. You'll still have to moon over the Mail Ninja - but the shipping is free!

What are your preferences when it comes to buying books? Do you like to buy them online or at your local bookstore? What factors help you decide?


Anonymous said...

Honestly it comes down to whether the text is accessible. I can't read most print due to partial blindness, but I can read the Kindle because I have control over the text settings on every book. I feel disconnected from all the doom and gloom about the print book dying because I just like to get the information, and much of it was previously closed to me. And honestly, getting most any book I want in under ten seconds is a miracle. I think it has astounding implications for getting information to the people who need it.

Anonymous said...

This is such an interesting topic! When I can, I love to support my favourite local bookstore - and I agree, I always feel at home there. Sometimes though... it just comes down to the money, and availability. Especially in New Zealand. Books here are expensive, and selective.

Well, that... and I adore getting mail ;)