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ϟ The Non-Silence Before the Potter Storm ϟ

It has been four years since the last Harry Potter book was released and the final film has now come to the cinema. Still, the demand is never ending.

Please, Ms. Rowling, can we have some more?

While she has made it clear that there will not be another book in the Harry Potter series (Dumbledore is the only one who could carry another book/series in my opinion anyway, after the sky-rocketing awesomeness of Mr. H. Potter) she hasn’t left us with nothing to hope for. Instead, she’s given us something which – to quote the fan-made A Very Potter Musical – is totally awesome! Pottermore.

A question a lot of people have been asking – and to paraphrase A Very Potter Musical again – is, ‘What the hell is Pottermore?’

To start you off, here is the announcement J.K. Rowling made about the upcoming website, Pottermore:

‘Hmm,’ you say. ‘Elaborate please?’

The video is gorgeous and exhilarating but a bit vague.

Pottermore is a website that will further the literary experience that is Harry Potter. Fans will be able to sign up to the website and be sorted into one of the four Hogwarts houses: Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Slytherin or Hufflepuff.

Each house will have its own common room where members will be able to chat with fellow housemates and you can check up on the status of all the house points in the Great Hall.

You will also get wizard money and a bank account at Gringotts, be able to access Diagon Alley to buy school books and even purchase a pet as well as visit Ollivanders where the wand chooses you.

Sounds like fun, yes? I think so! Pottermore isn’t so much an online role playing game as it is an opportunity to explore the Harry Potter books, Hogwarts and the wizarding world in a new light.

The website will contain new information on all different characters – such as Harry’s Aunt Petunia and Professor McGonagall – as well as background information on the Hogwarts houses, even more for those not sorted into Gryffindor.

The website will have a very literary feel. All the imagery is approved by J.K. Rowling and has been tweaked until it fits the way she imagined it to be. This means that the site will be in no way based on the Harry Potter film franchise and will stem directly from the books. Hallelujah!

Judging by this preview from The Leaky Cauldron website, the site will prove to be an exploration of the books indeed, even through chapters.

The Pottermore website will be the exclusive place to purchase Harry Potter eBooks and audio books. Despite the idea that has been floating around that this means that J.K. Rowling has ventured into “self-publishing” this allegation is rubbish. Her publishers are still on board and she has an entire production team that she has been working with in the creation of Pottermore.

Pottermore does not officially open to everyone until the 1st of October but on the 31st of July the quest to find the Magical Quill began. For seven days, there was a clue revealed (at an unspecified time) that led to a webpage where you could find the Magical Quill and register early to be a beta tester for Pottermore.

These lucky few (one million) people will be able to access the website before the first of October, although they won’t all be flooding in at once. Any time from the end of the Magical Quill challenge and the beginning of October, they could find themselves exploring the magical world of Pottermore.

I managed to register on the third day of the challenge, after sleeping through the first two days. Not the entire days, just the time that the clues went up. It was in the very early morning EST. So, I stayed up all night to catch the third clue at 6am EST.

I am a lunatic…but I am in good company.

When you sign up to Pottermore, you are not able to create your own username from scratch like you would on other websites due to child protection. Five possible usernames are presented to you and you must choose one. While I found this a little off-putting at first, it’s grown on me. All the usernames are Harry Potter related and magical. It’s become a new fixation of mine to discover what usernames people have and none of them are things like UGotItGoinOn or LordVoldiesLuffLuff.

So far Almi, Sydnee and I have been able to register for the beta testing, all on different days (1, 3 and 5) and I look forward to exploring Pottermore with them and tons of other eager Harry Potter fans.

Are you excited for Pottermore? Have you registered to be a beta tester? If so, we’d love to hear what your username is or what house you hope to be sorted into. Anything that interests you!

I’m sure I’ll have more to write on Pottermore as the days progress and I discover the facts behind the whispers.

Pottermore. It's going to be wizard!

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for such a clear explanation!!! I honestly didn't know for certain what I was signing up for either - all I knew is that I Wanted. In! :D