Tuesday, January 31

I Can Read with My Eyes Shut! by Dr. Seuss

There are so many different ways to read. Can you read with your eyes shut? You might be surprised to find that you can and do.

I don't remember this book from my childhood, so reading it now was something of an experience. At first I thought, Reading with your eyes shut? Ridiculous! Impossible! Of course, Dr. Seuss was someone who could reveal what seemed random and wrong as precise and probable.

I am only familiar with the Cat in the Hat from his self-titled book, so another with him was a welcome find. I must ask, who is this cute kitten in the hat? Adorable! Thing 1 and Thing 2 can step aside. Every child should want to identify with the Kitten in the Hat.

'I Can Read with My Eyes Shut!' is a book about reading with your imagination and not shutting yourself out to new material or allowing for a further insight into the text. This book explores the wonder of reading and all the opportunities it can bring to an individual if they are open to them.

It isn't just the books we read. It is how we perceive what we read. Yes indeed!

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Debbie said...

Perception is the key. That is true. None of us interpret the same book in the same way.

There's only one Dr Seuss book I remember called Wacky Wednesday. My brother borrowed it from the library countless times when he was little.

His stories are crazy, and that's why they are loved.