Saturday, March 10

Cloaked by Alex Flinn

Johnny repairs shoes all day in a fancy hotel in Florida. His dream to be a shoe designer flourishes when Princess Victoriana checks in. Johnny's best friend, Meg, convinces him to try and get the Princess to wear one of his shoe designs...but Princess Victoriana has her own proposition for Johnny. A quest.

Victoriana's older brother has was turned into a frog by a witch and has gone AWOL in Florida. In exchange for finding her brother, Victoriana offers Johnny something he never expected - her hand in marriage. With the aid of Victoriana's magic cloak Johnny sets out to find the frog prince, meeting plenty of other enchanted creatures along the way.

Can Johnny help Victoriana? Does he really want to marry her...or will his future take a different path? One thing is for certain - his life will never be the same.

After reconnecting with Alex Flinn's story telling in 'Lindy's Diary' (the companion novel to 'Beastly') I was keen to read more of her work. The author has a very clever way of taking fairy tales and weaving them into a modern day setting, so that it reads like something that could happen today but still has the magical feel of an authentic fairy tale.

'Cloaked' is unlike 'Beastly' in that it does not incorporate only one fairy tale into the plot. While I had heard of the story of The Frog Prince, there were six other stories weaved together which I was unfamiliar with. The way in which all these classic tales came together to make a new one was interesting, compelling and most of all, fun.

Despite knowing nothing about the fairy tales woven into the book, the modern day references to movies and Disney World made the experience even more tangible. There was even a nod to the chat room in 'Beastly.'

I was wrapped up in 'Cloaked' and I'm eager to read more books by Alex Flinn. Lucky for me, I have a copy of 'A Kiss in Time' on hand.

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