Monday, March 5

Eve's Diary by Mark Twain

Translated by Mark Twain, Eve writes of her life as an experiment and shares with us the unique way in which she views the world.

Eve is a curious, romantic soul. She wonders why the moon slips out of the sky in the morning and who fetches it back the next night. She wishes she could catch some stars to put in her hair but no matter how hard she tries, she never can. She tries to get Adam to take an interest in her but with no luck.

Mark Twain lends his brilliant literary skills to the translation of Eve's diary. Her way with words is far more lyrical than Adam's, whose is quite abrupt. Although, there is an extract from Adam's diary included which is a little more fluid than in Extracts from Adam's Diary.

There was never a dull moment with Eve, who is always discovering new things and trying to be helpful to Adam. She is not without her faults, however. She's not very modest and her romanticism sometimes borders on the extreme.

'Eve's Diary' is a short story I would recommend to anyone who is interested in a further insight into the mind of a woman in love with life...and a man. I do insist that you first read 'Extracts from Adam's Diary.'

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