Sunday, March 4

Extracts from Adam's Diary by Mark Twain

Translated from the original manuscript, Mark Twain gives us an insight into the first man's mind through extracts from his diary.

Twain lends his brilliant wit in the translations of Adam's diary. From the start, Adam is startles by the arrival of this new creature which proclaims itself a "she" and goes around naming everything and talking to no end. He is sure he will have to emigrate to get away from it.

From the first few days in the Garden of Eden with Eve, to the arrival of the unknown creature that is "Cain" which may or may not be a type of fish, Adam is troubled and perplexed by the circumstances in his life, which he is sure all of are to be blamed on Eve.

I've never really appreciated Adam as a historical figure before but I do now. Having an insight into his voice and through process was quite interesting. After all, we are led to believe that Adam and Eve just lived happily in the Garden and that was that until The Incident. We never really know how they lived together or thought of one another.

As the days, months and years pass, Adam not only discovers more about the things which perplex him but also learns to appreciate and love Eve and all her quirks which once drove him away.

'Extracts from Adam's Diary' is a short story I would recommend to anyone who is interested in an insight into early mankind or just a humorous and compelling read.

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