Monday, March 12

Wake by Lisa McMann

Janie has the ability to enter people's dreams...or rather, she's sucked into them. She's exposed to the fears and desires of her friends and family, unable to do anything but wait for the dream to end.

With no one to talk to about her situation, Janie is enveloped by the twisted dreams of a young man which she can't seem to pull away from. Can Janie help him? Can she help herself?

'Wake' is a book I was interested to read after I read and enjoyed Lisa McMann's middle grade novel, 'The Unwanteds.' From the beginning of the book, there is no lolling around. We are brought straight into Janie's world, just as she is pulled into the dreams of others.

I was somewhat skeptical about the dream factor. If dreams play such a large part of the story, then how can there be real tension? Dreams can't hurt you, after all. What I discovered was something quite compelling. Dreams are something that we cannot control and lack of control is frightful. They envelop us and pull us into a situation that seems completely real while we are experiencing it. The idea of a dream being penetrated by another person, with all your insecurities displayed, is haunting.

This is a very unique concept for a story and in different hands it might have failed. The novel is written in third person, present tense and the sentence structure is quite short, quickening the pace of the plot. Not a style I am used to reading but the starkness was gripping and the story embedded itself under my skin. Most importantly, I remained inquisitive throughout.

A fascinating read with brilliant character dynamics. I foresee myself reading the sequel, 'Fade.'

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