Saturday, April 7

Write by Sarah Quigley

Caught procrastinating again? Keep telling yourself that thinking about writing and looking at things is productivity in itself? You need to give yourself a kick in the pants. While you’re at it, why not keep it up for a month? ‘Write’ will help you do just that.

A thirty day guide to writing, this book does something even better than the ones that break down writing into minute steps – it encourages you to write. Sounds silly, yes? After all, aren’t all books on writing aimed at that purpose? The answer is no. You can read a book on writing and when you’ve finished, all you’ve done is read. Fail.

I originally borrowed this book from the library but I’ve since bought my own copy. The idea of the book is to read a chapter every day (yes, the preface counts as a chapter) and mull over the different subjects and complete the writing prompts given. Only, the writing prompts were so deliciously good, I just scoffed them up.

Quigley’s inspires you in each chapter and then pushes you to do something with that built-up inspiration. Instead of just imagining things and playing out fantasies in your head, where you’ve written something amazing, she encourages you to write something. It might not seem like a spectacular feat but believe me, it is.

‘Write’ is a book I’m always keen to return to and would recommend to anyone who finds themselves in a productivity rut.

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Martha Bechtel said...

I checked it out on Amazon and the information (and sole review) are vague—so I can't tell if this a book might work well for someone working on a novel/continuing story or is it more focused on unconnected daily writing ideas?

I'm starting to look at building up my writing library again and I'm focusing finding things that will help keep me rolling through the NaNoWriMo month-long challenges! :)

Keri said...

Martha: It's more for helping writers get into a regular routine and encouraging them to not only find ideas in the things around them but to act on those ideas.

If you want something novel orientated, I would suggest 'Writing the Breakout Novel' by Donald Maass. It's not a day-to-day kind of book but it's the best one I've come across.

Additionally, if you're working on a novel that is past the first draft stage, I would suggest the 'Writing the Breakout Novel Workbook' which is more hands-on in tackling ways to better develop your manuscript.

Hope that helps. ♥ If you ever want to inquire about other texts on writing that may not be reviewed on the site, feel free to email.