Wednesday, May 2

The Impulse to Read

There are books sitting on my shelf that have been there a long time. Plenty of them are unread, waiting. They could be the most marvelous books but they struggle amongst such huge company for attention and I forget about them...

I don’t want to talk about those books.

My mind is targeted right now on books that I have to read right now. I’m sure you’ve felt the same way about a specific title. It’s always a sequel or a new book by a favourite author. Whether you are just hungry for the story, paranoid that something will be spoiled for you or eager to read the book before your friends, your fingers writhe in its absence.

Whether the book in question has just been released or is already available, you must devour it. I felt that way with the fifth and seventh Harry Potter books.

Not the sixth, you wonder? Well, after queuing at midnight for the Order of the Phoenix and having to wait more than ten chapters for my favourite fictional character to appear, I decided I was not going to stress myself over reading the Half-Blood Prince.

It lasted all of two minutes when the book was released and my mum bought and started reading it. I snatched it from her and it has since been my property.

After I finished reading 'The Hunger Games,' I made the mistake of persuading my mum to read it. Even though I had dashed to the book store the moment I finished it to buy 'Catching Fire,' my mum was already finished with the first installment before I had started it. She walked into my room, saw it and said, ‘Is that the sequel?

It was a serious, ‘My precious!’ moment. She was covetous and I was possessive.

Today is the release day of ‘Insurgent,’ the sequel to ‘Divergent’ by Veronica Roth. I only read 'Divergent' last month and I have been waiting every day since for this book, wrapped up in the high of the online promotion.

I was out spending the day brilliantly with my aunt and uncle and was far too busy at the Guggenheim to seek out books. I returned home, dead on my feet. My mum popped out to our local book store, bought 'Insurgent' and started to read it. I have not yet touched the book. I covet it.

Still, I think I shall be patient and let her read it first, despite the fact that she has offered to let me take it whenever I want. I’d like to say that this is some new-found maturity I have on the matter but if Rowling released a series with Albus Dumbledore as the protagonist, she wouldn’t stand a chance.

Are there any specific books you’ve been obsessed to read?

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