Wednesday, May 16

Mess by Keri Smith

Intentionally defacing and maiming a book - isn't that sacrilege?

Some people cringe at the sight of dog-eared pages. Others are flat-out horrified that books are cut up or burned for visual art. We all have our individual boundaries.

What about a book that is made to be crumpled, cut up, scribbled in, stomped on, dripped on and flung from high places? Even with such permission, could you bring yourself to do any of these things?

I put myself to the test with 'Mess' by Keri Smith. The entire purpose of the book is to make a mess and cast aside every boundary you have when it comes to battering books.

Here is my own introduction which I wrote inside the book:

Improvisation makes me nervous but playing it safe only stifles your creativity. If you want to accomplish something, you have to embrace imperfection. Over the years, I've been needing a book like this, trying to create one myself...but I play things too neat. I want to be the creator whom can can can do something right and impress and inspire. Now I want to create and enjoy. I want to experiment and I want most of all to have fun.

Have fun I did.

There are still pages and pages of this book that remain untouched. They seem unnatural to me in their state. I look forward to rectifying that situation.

'Mess' is a book I would recommend to anyone who feels stifled in their creativity. It is very freeing to let loose and you never know what may come of it.

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Chihuahua0 said...

Interesting concept. I actually thought about this concept when I was asked by YA Confidential to review a fashion coloring book.

As stated in the review, I felt a little reluctant about coloring directly into the book, due to the quality of the paper.

But I think Mess might be a nice, experimental book to check out.

Kate @ Musings said...

This sounds like a great thing to do... and I immediately went to Amazon to check it out. Thanks for pointing this out! Also, thanks for stopping by my site. Have a great weekend.