Wednesday, July 4

Aspiring Writer v.s. Aspiring Author

Hello, my name is Keri Payton and I am an aspiring author. Right now, I’m also an aspiring writer.

Wait, what’s the difference?

An aspiring writer is someone who aspires to write. An aspiring author is someone who aspires to be published.


Yes, they seem quite interchangeable. However, not everyone who writes wants to do it for a profession. Also, not everyone who aspires to write is, well, writing. The huge not-so-secret to being a writer is that writers…need to write. Astonishing, I know.

Whenever I see the term “aspiring writer” I cringe a little because if you aspire to be a writer, all you need to do is write. That is easier said than done. I’m suffering through a bout of sickness and procrastination at the moment. Or is procrastination my true sickness?

Not everyone wants to be a published author and that’s fine. However, being an aspiring writer for a prolonged period of time is unacceptable. It’s too easy to excuse ourselves and get caught up in our heads, either swimming in the ideal of what we wish to create or holding ourselves back because we fear we will not spill golden ink onto the page.

Aspiring writer, aspiring author, ink slinger, wordsmith… Which are you?

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Sydnee said...

I used to call myself an aspiring journalist, artist, and novelist... until I realized that I already *do* all of those things. The only thing I'm not doing is getting paid, but just because I didn't get paid to write the novel doesn't mean I still didn't *write* it.

I think it's a confidence thing. Too many people believe that popularity/money is the barometer by which all accomplishments are measured (guilty). But money means nothing if you don't enjoy what you do.